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The Ghostbuster Fire House

So one of the funniest parts about living in NYC is the places you stumble upon that you have seen in a commercial or a movie. The first week I lived here, Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller were filming a movie “Tower Heist” one street over from my apartment. I didn’t really realize what a small world NYC was.  One of the funniest ‘movie scenes’ I have come across was the Fire House from the classic movie “Ghostbusters”. Here is a picture of it, and the sidewalk art outside the front of it. I am glad that I did come across it as I had heard it was on the verge of foreclosure and who knows what would happen to it. I really wanted to go inside and slide down the fireman’s pole, but, I now know that it is in Bill Murray’s house (which is for sale if anyone’s interested).  When I lived there, I’ve also ran into “New Year’s Eve” movie set and Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

You just never know what you are gonna see round herrrre.