The Ghostbuster Fire House

So one of the funniest parts about living in NYC is the places you stumble upon that you have seen in a commercial or a movie. The first week I lived here, Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller were filming a movie “Tower Heist” one street over from my apartment. I didn’t really realize what a small world NYC was.  One of the funniest ‘movie scenes’ I have come across was the Fire House from the classic movie “Ghostbusters”. Here is a picture of it, and the sidewalk art outside the front of it. I am glad that I did come across it as I had heard it was on the verge of foreclosure and who knows what would happen to it. I really wanted to go inside and slide down the fireman’s pole, but, I now know that it is in Bill Murray’s house (which is for sale if anyone’s interested).  When I lived there, I’ve also ran into “New Year’s Eve” movie set and Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

You just never know what you are gonna see round herrrre.

Newspaper Manicure


Newspaper Manicure

Well today is my birthday so instead of going out and treating myself to a manicure, I decided to try something a little different. I have been seeing these ‘newspaper’ manicures all over the internet, and being a graphic designer, I was very curious how it was done. I’ll be going out to dinner tonight to STK on the West Side, so today was as good a day as any to give it a whirl. Here is the step by step process and the materials you will need:




You will need a newspaper, clear base coat (mine is a base coat/top coat combo), a light color nail polish, scissors, a q-tip and rubbing alcohol.



Newspaper Pieces

Cut up 10 small pieces of newspaper, big enough to cover up each one of your nails.



Clear Base Coat

Paint your nails with a clear base coat and let dry completely.



Revlon ‘minted’

Paint your nails with a light color nail polish. The lighter the color, the better the newspaper transfer will show up. I used Revlon’s MINTED. Let this dry completely. It’s very important that your nails are completely dry when doing the newspaper transfer.



Newspaper Transfer

Dip the q-tip into the rubbing alcohol and sweep it across the painted nail so that it is wet with alcohol. I do this step one at a time since the alcohol evaporates very fast. Before the alcohol dries, press a piece of the newspaper you cut earlier onto the wet nail and press down lightly over the entire nail and then peel off slowly. As you peel away the newspaper, the ink will remain on your nails. If you missed a spot, you can put more alcohol on the blank spots and press the newspaper back over the nail. I did this several times and I actually liked the overlapping effect.



Gloss Top Coat

For the final step, cover with a gloss top coat. Use very light strokes as it can smear the newspaper transfer on your nails. Let dry completely and you are done!

Newspaper Manicure!


This is a soup recipe that my Mom makes and that some people asked for the recipe for. It’s sooo good and soooo easy. I am not a fan of fennel at all but in this soup it melds together so well with the other flavors so well. Its super easy and makes a lot! Now that the weather is turning a bit chilly, this is the perfect treat!

1 lb. of loose Italian Sausage (Hot, Mild or Mix of both)
1 Fennel Bulb (Cut in Thin Wedges)
1 Sweet Onion (Cut in thin Wedges)
1 Head Escarole – chopped
1 Can Cannellini Beans – rinsed
2 qts. Chicken Broth
1 lb. Ditalini Pasta
Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese

Saute sausage (breaking up as you cook) until done.  Remove from pan.  Saute onion and fennel until translucent. Add sausage to onions and fennel.  Add broth and bring to boil.  Reduce heat and  add escarole and beans.  Cook pasta separate according to directions on box (it absorbs to much broth if cooked in soup).  To serve put pasta in bowl and add soup.  Sprinkle with cheese.